Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Piano piece - Part 1

Hayden started taking piano lessons one year ago. She is progressing quickly and memorizes all the pieces that she plays. Her piano teacher made the comment to me the other day that most people give up when faced with syncopation but she is determined. This is the piece that she will be playing in November for her fall recital. She has the first part memorized and it is obvious where she has to go back and start looking at the music. She just played it all the way through for the first time a week ago so I thought it would be fun to document her progress. I wish I thought of this before she got the syncopation down and it was driving her crazy! :-) Enjoy!


Dana said...

Wow! Hayden is doing a great job on the piano...I'm impressed. I took lessons for 5 years, and didn't get that far!! 8-) Keep practicing!!!

Memaw said...

Very good job Hayden....I enjoyed that little concert very much.