Tuesday, October 28, 2008


As I mentioned earlier, the 3 sisters went to Albuquerque for my cousins wedding! This is my moms (who's deceased) side of the family who we do not get to see as much anymore as we used to...we had an amazing time! It was fun to cut up and carry on like we always have before in the past!

Picture 1- Our Grandmother(my mom's mom)
Picture 2 - Deny and Randy(brothers of the groom)

Picture 3- Susan (sister of the groom) and Dan
Picture 4 &5 - Drew (cousin) and Andrea
Picture 6 - My Aunts, Lynda and Robyn! (Mom's sisters)

Picture 7 - My sisters.....

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Dana said...

What a beautiful wedding! You look SO MUCH like your sisters...3 peas in a pod!