Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Fall-filled weekend....

actually began on Friday night with a trip to the school Halloween Carnival! Kayla (Hayden's dearest friend who does so much with us she is like our other daughter), Hayden and Pete all dressed up in their costumes and had a blast!
Saturday Morning, we all got up and went to a nearby farm for their Fall festival! This is a picture of the strawberries that they have already planted for an April harvest!
One of the first things we did was take a horse and buggy tour of the farm and the tour guide let Hayden come up and drive the team.

Next, we took a hay ride out to the back of the farm and did 1.5 mile corn maze. We had a lot of fun.
While we waited on the tractor to come back and get us from the corn maze, Pete had to make a pit stop.
A boys dream......a combine!
It was only slightly large....
The last stop we made was another hayride to the pumpkin patch....Cal found one!
The group with their pumpkins!
Oh...what sweet faces!
Hayden decided that after we found our pumpkins that she needed a gourd.

Saturday night, we took the kids down to the gardens for the YMCA haunted trail! Pete is showing some brotherly love or maybe what he learned on the trail....sorry Molly!
The start of a special treat....
On Sunday, Brent carved all the kids pumpkins. This is his greatest love...carving pumpkins!
I will post the final result in another we can play the guessing game! :-)
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mndpeters said...

such cute photos! your nephews and real dolls. does brent really like carving pumpkins or were you being sarcastic?

Jill said...

I'm serious....he LOVES it!