Sunday, October 5, 2008

Camp Greenville

By Brent: Sorry for the multiple days without a blog post, that would be my fault as I was suppose to put up an entry.

Last week I went to a camp with Hayden's entire class, about 20 6th graders, 4 boys and 16 girls. Everyone had a great time. The camp was up in the NC mountains and it was a wonderful setting. The kids learned a great deal about themselves as well as each other. There were lots of challenging situations and everyone had to learn about getting into their "yellow zone" which is where you confront a freighting or uncomfortable situation, and learn from the experience. There were several time they were in their "red zone" which is a very scary situation for them. Below are a few pictures to enjoy.

The Group

Hayden checking out the girls cabin.

Hayden and friends getting ready for the High Ropes Course.

Hayden going up the tube ladder.

Hayden gearing up for a rock climb.

The Falls we climbed the mountain down to and then back up from.

The Pretty Place.

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mndpeters said...

must've been a really beautiful place. glad they all had fun! brings back memories of frontier ranch. :-)