Friday, July 3, 2009

It should be interesting...

Brent, Hayden and I all entered into a local photo contest today.
Below are the pictures we submitted...can you guess who did what?
Do you think any will win?
Nothing like a cut throat healthy family competition!


Molly said...

I know whose belongs to whom. What size did you submit?

Jill said...

Smarty pants...4 8x10 and 2 5x7

Ann said...

Oh my, these are awesome!! Congrats on everyone's wins!

I'm also in SC, down on the coast- found you through Kelli's blog. I'll be around!


Amanda said...

I love them all! You have grown into am amazing photographer! I wish we were driving to Tulsa together again, just so you could give me photography tips and tricks. ;-)