Thursday, July 9, 2009

and the winner is...

Tonight was the announcement of the contest winners.
There were 109 entries in 4 different categories.

Remember this? Hayden's entry!

The Results...I am SO proud of her! Can you believe it?

Remember this? My entry!

The Results....
(that's 1st place if you can't read it or don't want to blow it up)

To say that I was shocked is putting it mildly...I still don't believe it!
Don't wake me...I like this dream! :-)


Memaw said...

That is so great! I'm very proud of both of you. Great pictures.

Kelli said...

Both are excellent photos and deserving of recognition!!!!

Dana said...

Wow...such a talented family!! I would like to sign up for a lesson, please. By the way, why do the signs below the pictures say "$25"? Do you sell them?

Amanda said...

Congratulations!! They were both awesome pictures and deserved recognition!