Thursday, April 30, 2009

Season Opener Ender(?)....

Last night was the first game of softball season for our family!

Brent is once again coaching the girls.
Hayden paying attention to me and not the meeting!

Kayla getting ready to bat!
Final instructions...
I wonder if those instructions included getting hit by the ball?
Hmmm...why is Hayden in the dugout you ask?
well...this is why!
Last week in practice they were being taught how to slide and Hayden did a beautiful attempt until the very end when her ankle turned up under her. She has ligament damage and most likely will be out for the whole season but we will know for sure in a couple of weeks.


Dana said...

Okay, I know this comment is SO NOT P.C., but I'm going to leave it anyway...because I think it will make you laugh. Is it my imagination or does Hayden look like an amputee in the second picture?? Put them together and she'd look like a beautiful girl with a broken leg and half an arm drinking water...please tell me you think that's funny...come on chilli...I know we have the same weird sense of humor...admit it!! Miss you. How about a trip to SoCal this summer?

Sarah said...

OMG - I totally did not see that until you pointed it out (of course, if it were really true it would not be funny) I know I have a weird sense of humor, so I find it really funny!!!

Amanda said...

To Dana - LOL I noticed that too and had to do a double take.

Jill - Yay! You did a great job with telling the story and doing the strike through.