Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day trip...

to the Congaree National Park! The 17 years we have lived in SC, we have never been there. It was a beautiful place and plan to go back soon and do more of their activities.
You probably want to double click most of these....

Picture 1 - these are Bald Cypress "knees"
Picture 2 - just a pretty view
Picture 3 - Hayden next to a Loblolly Pine....can you say HUGE?
Picture 4 - Part of Weston Lake (off the Congaree River)
Picture 5 - Critter #1 - a Salamander
Picture 6 - Critter #2 - turtle
Picture 7 - Critter #3 - a Red Belly water snake
Picture 8 - Critter #4 - a Blue Heron
Picture 9 - a worn out human critter!


Kris said...

South Carolina swamps are the best in the world! My son's favorite spot.

JAN'S PLACE said...

the pictures are beautiful!

Love the Blue Heron!