Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Playing Picasa vs. Picasso....

about a year ago...

i had
zero camera skills
no blog
and relied on the honey for pictures

6 months ago...

i had a new best friend, point and shoot
blogging under my belt
and little skill with picture manipulation


i once again have zero camera skills
(thank you fancy new camera)
ability to blog with my eyes shut
the ability to completely manipulate a picture

i guess i have come a long way in a year...
at least by my standard
but i still HATE to have my picture taken!

therefore, I have taken an okay picture of me (i think)
and used all my new found
skills to create
something that I
actually like

and i guess in the end...
that's all that really matters. :-)

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mndpeters said...

good effects! i really like all of your shots. what type of camera do you have?

Gregg said...

cool pic~!