Tuesday, March 3, 2009

DC.... (part 2)

More pics from the trip...double click them all :-)

Picture 1 - The 'President' arriving back home...
Picture 2 - the goof....

Picture 3 - the capitol

Picture 4 - Wait...don't miss Brent (that's his hand)

Picture 5 - Monuments by moonlight tour...(in the front the WWII memorial, Washington Monument and then the Capitol)

Picture 6 - Honest Abe...Hayden's Idol

Picture 7 - The White House (from the top of the Washington Monument)

Picture 8 - Washington Monument by day! :-)

Picture 9 - Air and Space Museum

Picture 10 - He did go....

Picture 11 - End of day 2 and their still smiling!

Picture 12 - Library of Congress

Picture 13 - our only souvenir...

I am saving the best picture for Wordless Wednesday!


Molly said...

what in the he** is that??

Amanda said...

Those are amazing pictures! You have become quite a good photographer, Jill.

My kids would be so jealous if they saw these pics. They want to go to DC so bad.

Hey, stop by Moving Forward. I "tagged" you.