Sunday, December 28, 2008

Project picture #8....

I guess it's time to explain more about our remodel. My sister, Molly and her husband bought a new house back in the summer and have been in the process of 'gutting' and remodeling. They had some great pieces that were being thrown out so we had them set them aside for us. Now that the room is painted and the flooring has been torn out, we were ready to rent the truck and drive over and pick it all up. It took 5 guys to load it and 7 to unload. :-)

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mndpeters said...

wowza! what a day. bet you're glad it's all there and ready to go now.

oh, wait...did you want me to come just to help you unload this thing?! (LOL...jk)

Jill said...

actually this was done the week after Thanksgiving...I'm just getting everyone caught up with the progress. :-)