Monday, December 29, 2008

Organizing #1....

There is something about Christmas break and organizing!
This looks like a normal closet door but it's what hides behind the door that is scary!
After a couple of hours and plenty of interruptions, this is what it looks like now!
For the 2 Dana's in my life, I took close-ups because you will be asking what stuff says....

And I know Dana G. will be asking about the boxes on the bottom, those are seasonal children's books!


Dana said...

Hope you guys had a great Christmas. Your closet looks SO Martha... I didn't know you knew how to crochet and knit! Don't you hate that Jenga box? It never fits anywhere...and the flap is on the bottom so the words are upside down...hate that. You sure do have a lot of you own stock in the Fiskars company?? Hugs to you...I am re-organizing my house also.
Happy New Year!

Sister #2 said...

Maybe she is going to create an Edward Scissorhands!