Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our favorite game....

Quelf has been a huge hit in our house this last year! I highly recommend it for families with older kids! Hayden and Kayla always wanna play when they together at our house. They have a website so you find where to buy it.
Let me know how you like it....
Below is an example of stuff that was going on:
1) Hayden couldn't use her hands
2) Kayla had to keep a snorkel in her mouth the rest of the game made from something in the house hence the straw
3) Brent had to keep pointing to pretend objects on his forehead and asking if anyone knew anything about them
and 4) Brent and Kayla had to hold hands because they were sharing a space on the board
These are just a sampling of the crazy stuff you do!
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mndpeters said...

That sounds like a really fun game! We're on the hunt for it this week!

Dana said...

And...Brent had to suck his thumb??!!