Saturday, September 20, 2008

Harvest Hoe-Down Festival

Ok this is not the owner of this wonderful blog, but her dear husband. What follows is an adventure in picture, or what others might simply call the Harvest Hoe-Down Festival parade. We had just about everything you could think of in this parade. Enjoy.
Sidenote: We were at this festival out of town so Jill could do a book booth...

You have to start it all of with the banner.

We've got some flag girls. We have the Shriners and their little cars doing a figure 8. We have a motorized port-a-john, I have never seen that one before.
We have beauty queens!!! Her name was Hayden. We had lots of political stumping. Can you guess which side of the isle he is on?
We have a daughter having fun.
Another would-be politician. How can you not vote for a guy named Fonzie? We've got the Shriner big boys ;-).
We've got tuba players. We've got tiny little beauty queens.
We have lots of ROTC folks. Ah, teens with guns, always a good thing.
We have got great patriotic kids.
We have shameless capitalism.

We have old clowns on broken bikes. As I was saying earlier, teens with guns not always a great thing.
We have hillbillies.
I think they were actually in class and lost!!!
What better at a Hoe-Down parade, guys and their tractors!!!
Now that is a tractor. We even had the King in attendence.
I really don't know what to make of the Daredevils and their Hearse with a drive over ramp.
More hillbillies.
Big horses are always a parade favorite.


me said...

You must be over by the beach...looks like you had fun.

Molly said...

I really want to know what the beauty queens' titles were. . . Love the second ROTC picture!

Norwood Family said...

Very interesting...I do believe they have us beat!!!

MTins said...

Funny pics.. So where was the festival.

Dana said...

WHAT??? No girl scout troops???