Thursday, August 6, 2009

Quick trip....

to visit good friends in Richmond, VA was on the calender this week!

We enjoyed getting to know their beautiful city.

We saw lots of sites and visited the botanical gardens which were fantastic.
I took lots of pics!

This is my dear friend Rachel and her children Zoe and Ethan with Hayden.
a quick trip to Colonial Williamsburg
I wonder if it's child abuse to put one of these in at home?
A pleasant surprise ending to our journey...
We took the ferry across the Jamestown River.
The scary part was the fact that my car is the silver green one
right there in front!
I was just a little concerned (in my irrational world)
that they would let me drive the car off the edge
(clarification...not because I wanted to)
but they didn't and it was really fun...
I wanna do it again...did I mention it was free!
Thanks again Rachel...we had a blast!

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