Friday, June 19, 2009

Back again...

Brent says I will be able to blog!
So now you CAN have a vacation after all....
compliments of me! :-)


Well, it's that time again....VACATION!
We are so excited to be heading back to Fripp Island for the week.

You know what's even more exciting...
I have a new camera and a new lens! :-)


there is a small amount of BAD not so great news.
Our laptop broke!
...just broke! won't be replaced before tomorrow ~ broke!

I am beside myself!
Not all is lost YET....
There will be a couple of other laptops there
and if my
feeble vacationer brain
can figure out how to do it without downloading the pictures
then you WILL
be able to go on vacation with us!

Wish me luck in that endeavor!


in case I can't get it to work
you have to wait a week for some
fun in the sun and sand....

here's a little taste from last year!

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