Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Trip Adventure - Day 1

Today, Hayden and I came to Columbia to Molly's house. We took the children to Fort Jackson (yes, the military base). They have a water park that is open to the public during the week. We had a wonderful time.
Picture 1 - Pete in the water loops.
Picture 2 - Molly and Cal on the lazy river.
Picture 3 - Hayden sliding down the water slide.
Picture 4 - Cal playing in the water.
Picture 5 - The crew coming back from the slides.

Hayden will spend the rest of the week here with Molly and gang and I will be leaving early in the morning for Tulsa. I am riding with a group of girls and it will be a long one day trip! I am sure the adventure will be full of pictures!

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