Monday, June 30, 2008

Teaching an old dog new tricks....

Hayden has been a 'swimmer' since the age of 2 (holding her breath, going in the deep end, diving for sticks) but she has never been a swimmer (as in knowing any stokes)! She has always been just happy with her way of swimming (under water like a mermaid) for the last 9 years. After many years of swim lessons and just as many years of her stubbornness, we are attempting it yet again! We got lucky this year and she has one on one instruction (I guess that is because most 11 year olds know how to swim)! Can she actually learn to do some real strokes? Is there hope? I doubt she will be swim team material but maybe in 3 more days she will actually know the 'art' of swimming! :-) computer skills are growing! :-)


Memaw said...

Oh my gosh, she did swim all the way across. I'm so proud of her.
Way to go Hayden!

Laura in MO said...

Hey Jill -
Great blog! I got your Usborne e-newsletter with your blog address. You take wonderful photos! It was nice to read through your blog and catch up/get to know you better. :)

I blog, too. (blog address is in my profile) Basically our site is a combination of our daily journal, recipes and school stuff.
(Laura in MO)